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Recruiterย 25 days ago

Any comp or HR4HR experts out there?

I'm really keen to benchmark my own compensation / total rewards to see how things stack up in the industry, particularly as it relates to new-hire equity grants

Thoughts on what's common, any trends, or key things to consider in these equity grants would be super helpful as I try to figure out where I stand

I know and understand there are drastic differences but if someone has access to Radford data, the company I'm employed by aims to be within the 75th quartile

hellotherehowareyouHuman Resourcesย 18 days ago
Radford data is country by country
midlandslass227Recruiterย 16 days ago
Ah! I am located in Ireland - Senior Sales Recruiter with 5 years experience - any insights into equity value per year for someone like me in a SaaS US HQ organisation located here? Sounds like you may have access to Radford