David Szklarzewski in  
Software Engineer a year ago

Job market in 2023

What is your experience trying to get a new job / switch companies in SWE in 2023 ? I tried looking for statistics on new hires but couldn't find anything.

I remember when I started looking for a job in 2021-2022 I applied at 2 jobs, got 2 interviews and 2 offers, without any profesionnal experience. 

Now I applied to around 40-50 jobs and only got rejections. I'm trying to figure out if there's an issue in my CV or in the way I apply to these jobs or if the current market is really hard ane companies "hiring" are just collecting CV's and only hiring top-notch engineers overqualified for the role. What is your personal experience ?
Product1GuyProduct Manager a year ago
Applying is not going to work nowadays. It is building relationships and using those relationships and connections. Many jobs aren’t even posted as companies are quietly hiring. Stop applying and start networking.
LuckyBoiSales Engineer a year ago
That is a dope and insightful response