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Looking for Product Designer role

Hi, All.

I am looking for Product Designer roles in India.

Open for USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Canada (but would require VISA sponsorship & relocation assistance) [Good grasp of English language]

Level: Fresher (2022 Tier 1 Design School Grad)

Experience: 5 Months full time (+almost 2 years of Internship Experience)

Companies worked/interned at: -

  • Currently a healthcare focused edtech.
  • Japan based MNC,
  • Indian E-Commerce Giant,
  • Indian Mid-Size Foodtech (now acquired by Giant Indian Foodtech),
  • India based Software-IT MNC.

Key Skills: UX Design, Product Design (primarily worked on enterprise or business applications), Good at process mapping/design

USPs (as stated by colleagues, managers):-

  • better psychological understanding,
  • product thinking,
  • market aligned ideas.

If you have a role/opportunity at your organisation or know someone who might then please drop in a comment and we can connect.

XavierProfSoftware Engineering Managerย 3 months ago
I don't have any leads for roles, but I just wanted to say I love the username lol



Product Designer