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Stay positive, reach out, and when you're ready, apply for your next opportunity in tech

Hi community, I hope you are doing okay right now. I wanted to share a message with you guys in case things are not going to great on your end.

To those who have recently been impacted by the mass layoff, please remember you're not alone! If you're struggling for any reason, please reach out to your network, family or friends. Having been laid off before, I know it can be hard, especially when the layoff fortifies the feelings of imposter syndrome. I know we can't DM here yet but I hope we all can support one another. Just give everyone some encouragement, you never know who might need it today. πŸ’œ

If you're actively looking, I wanted to share a couple of job boards I stumbled upon recently-

You probably have seen rumblings of a new field called "climate tech" where companies are focused on building more environmentally conscious technologies, services, and platforms.

Climate tech is a new and emerging space and it's still growing! While traditional tech space is being negatively impacted right now, climate tech is still actively hiring. Here's the site if you want to look for jobs in your area of expertise:


🌎 There is also a tech and data focused job board here:

Similarly, Bill Gates founded a company called Breakthrough Energy to help solve and invest in the future of environmentally sustainable technologies. The company has a job board featuring companies all over the world looking for talent in all functional areas!

Jobs | Climatebase

Jobs | Climatebase

The platform for climate action. Explore jobs and the organizations shaping our climate-positive future.
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We're looking for a full stack developer o our product team at Square Roots. We're based in Brooklyn, NY but the role is remote. Pay is $110-151k/yr. We want to revolutionize the world of indoor farming and give people more options on healthier, more affordable food.