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Transitioning to Data Science

Hey all!

I am currently working as a consultant with close to 4 years of experience. I have a background in computer science and data science. Looking for advice on how to make the switch to data science.

I have experience working with customer analytics projects in 1Bn+ orgs. My resume doesn't seem to get past recruiter screening, and would like to know if this switch is possible or if anyone has been through this process before?

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Add any side projects where you’ve had to derive insight from large volumes of data

Also keep in mind that data scientist can actually differ in responsibility depending on the company. I’ve seen some places expect you to know ML and other places where it was pretty much a data analyst SQL role.
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I've had both professional experience working with large data sets and personal projects as well. Only seem to be getting interviews from referrals.

It seems to me to be a resume issue. Do you have any advice on resume templates or examples that recruiters are looking for?