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Computer Scienceย atย Arizona State Universitya year ago

Can I apply to a mid level role?

I am graduating with my CS bachelors in May. I have worked as the only Android developer at a startup for the past 4 years 20-30 hrs a week in the semester and 40 during break. I dont want to stay at the company I am at and was wondering if it is appropriate for me to apply to non-junior roles as I have plenty of experience in Android dev. I have built several large applications from the ground up and also work occasionally on backend work.
ย I think there are more opportunities(and better pay) for Android developers that are not Junior level.

Should I apply to roles with 2 years exp? Any advice welcome :)
Uuhg133nuSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Put your graduation date at the end of your resume bcause thats that least important thing. Your real-world experience is way more valuable dude.



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