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Masters in CS vs Masters in Stats

Good afternoon everyone, I'm currently debating whether I should be applying for an online masters degree in either computer science or statistics. Ultimately I guess I'd like to break into a quantitative finance role. Not necessarily become a quant, but be able to interpret/analyze/model data as a swe/data scientist within an hft

That being said, I'm definitely more interested in what the stats degree has to offer, specially since I'm more curious about applied statistics within data science and ml. I know a masters in cs will have some of this too but it definitely won't have the depth of a strictly stats only grad degree.

Right now I'm between Georgia tech for a masters in cs, or Texas A&M for stats, both are online but Texas A&M is significantly more expensive and ~$35k in total for out of state vs ~$8k for ga tech.

What do you guys think?

My undergrad was in computer engineering.

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GTech is the clear option imo. the cost alone is worth. The name is solid as well. In terms of career paths, cs gives you more options if quant doesn't work out for some reason.
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