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Relocating to Germany

Hello I am currently a software engineer in the US. I am working towards a year of experience and want to relocate to Berlin or Munich. I am considering on starting to apply to companies there in July when I reach one year of experience. Is there any recommendations on what to look for there in terms of companies or pay rates? I am also in the process of learning German and am willing to put it off another year if that will give me better offers. 
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bruciebProduct Designer  
When you are looking at benefits, you should consider a company that has a good relocation package including a stipend for moving expenses, travel, first 1-2 months accommodations paid for, as well as a relocation manager. This was immensely helpful when I did the move, as I knew very little German and the rental market is extremely competitive.
Salaries are much lower than the US, but there are companies that are catching wind of this and increasing their salaries for product positions.
bruciebProduct Designer  
— for Berlin specifically.



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