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Things you should write down during an interview

During the interview process, there are a lot of small, yet important details you need to be aware of. A lot of times, people don't write stuff down and it's only until after the adrenaline rush subsides after the call ends that you realize you failed to ask x or get clarification on y.

Here are some things to write down and/or ask during the interview regardless of the role, imo:

1) Important projects the role will play a part in:

If they tell you “we’re working on porting the front-end to Angular,” write that down.

2) The number of people on the team, in the dept, or at the company.

If they say they have 20 employees, write that down. You want as much information as you can about the people you work with (and who they might work with).

3) Stuff related to the offer (if you get to that stage)

Depending on the company, they’ll also tell you about the bene's, vacation, special perks (yay snacks), and potentially a range. Of course don't give them a specific range, just give them a broad one (if they pester you about it) "based on the market" like $110,000-175,000 or something. Also, doesn’t matter if they’re going to send you a written version later, write everything down. Even if there are things that are not directly monetary, if they relate to the job, write them down.

4) Last thing would be about asking for the timeline. It'll help you figure out whether you should schedule your other interviews together. Block them if you can on the same week or even day. Having a nice gantt chart will help you slow down or accelerate the process as much as YOU can so your offers will line up. All the other details will also help you determine if the offer is legit given the size of the team, project, scope, etc. All of which you've documented.

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Don't forget to ask about what makes them tick. Small talk is way underrated and as much as I also hate to chit chat, it helps to break the ice and feel like it's a real person you're talking to.