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Business Administration & Management a year ago

What exactly are hiring managers looking for in product design portfolios projects?

I have about 2 years experience mostly freelancing as a Product Designer based in NYC.  My goal is to land a F/T position with Apple, Microsoft, or Uber. I am open to apprenticeships too. But so many rejections and no feedback I dont know what I need to improve. A little guidance or tips would be really helpful right now 
L337UX Designer a year ago
It varies depending on what the hiring manager is looking for, but generally I want to see:
- some sense of process. How did the candidate get to the final result. What did they learn, what were key decisions they made.
- Craft. A general sense of quality. This may be more on the interaction side than visual side depending on the role.
- Can they communicate the story of the project well. A proxy for overall communication skills.
- Nice to have: Do they have experience or show an aptitude for the types of projects we do. Since I largely work on enterprise stuff, I like to see some evidence that they have worked in or would do well/have an interest in such a space. Obviously varies depending on the role.
PiltdownManProduct Designer a year ago
This is a good, concise list. It’s also the way you should be thinking about your portfolio @iamphoenixx (in terms of the problem you are addressing as a candidate).



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