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Software EngineerΒ 4 months ago

Background check vs. Experience at outsourcing company


I work at a big outsourcing company as a Senior Software Engineer. I am fully outsourced to my client as a contractor. The client is a known prestigious bank and would surely sound better on the resume.

As a contractor with not that much of experience, I am exceptionally successful at the client side and received tremendous recognition. I was quickly "promoted" into a technical leader role on the client side. I am responsible for two software development teams and overall production delivery of meaningful features at scale. My outsourcing company's senior rank is a little lagged behind my actual client rank and responsibilities.

I will be looking into getting recruited to FAANG soon. How do I go about describing my experience during interviews, and on the resume itself?

I am under NDA, I cannot name the bank name directly. I can describe my experience though... I am terrified that background checks will demand documents that will confirm my work for the client himself – the bank, however, I don't have any such documents.

Thanks for sharing your insights!

MexicanbobcatProject ManagerΒ 4 months ago
Just break the NDA, it doesn't matter if you just name the employer
nicetomeetmeSoftware EngineerΒ 4 months ago
Sure, but then during the background check, I'd be asked for documents that will confirm my work for the bank, right? I don't have such documents. That's the main issue.