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BrooklynBrokeΒ inΒ Β 
Business AnalystΒ 5 months ago

Add More Records to Select from Drop Down

Now that levels.fyi is pretty well known and has a lot of data points, I want to able to view 250, 500, and 1000 records from the drop down instead of only 100.
zuhayeerFounderΒ atΒ Levels.fyi5 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion. 250 should be possible, but any reason you want 500 or more? You also can still paginate beyond that, any reason that doesn't work. I personally find that it's actually harder to scroll and keep track once you add a lot of records into one page.
BrooklynBrokeBusiness AnalystΒ 5 months ago
I like combing through your data if it is filtered correctly. Linkedin allows you to view 800 profiles for a company by just scrolling. It makes life easier.