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Full remote principal PM or higher jobs, good WLB?

I'm a product manager with around 14 years of experience, but currently only at the principal PM level at a mid sized SaaS company on the east coast.

I have good experience with mobile apps especially, and am a bit on the technical side (engineering undergrad, dabble in code).

What companies do you think I should pursue? I'm at a point where I want to get a mortgage and want something not crushing to my life or backstabbing. Just want to put in a solid 40hrs and call it a day.

Aiming for at least 350k compensation since I'm already at around 250k, but trying to help afford homes in my area that cost $900k+. Obviously more could be possible.

My pros: Fairly smart, technical, have speaking experience, generally well liked.

My weaknesses: Have only led small teams, limited product launches from zero, might have to be a little creative with my stories and successes. I feel I'm a bit lacking in strategy since so many of my roles have been at companies without great product frameworks.

Which companies are hiring + full remote now and might be reasonable to work for? Microsoft?

Interests: health, data science/machine learning, video, mobile

Dislikes: edtech, most fintech (BNPL esp) in this environment, crypto

Generally want something safe-ish where I can grind for 5-7 years and sack away some money without fearing for layoffs or backstabbing.

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Try LinkedIn or Microsoft. Generally super chill and pay well, especially LinkedIn



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