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Salaries in germany for software engineers?

I am looking to increase my salary but it seems to me like salaries in germany for a software engineer once they hit 80k mark stagnate, is that true ? do you have a different experience? Do you know of anyways a software engineer can still increase their salary?
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Berlin perspective.

I recently changed my job, and during the searching process (which took me three months), I got a few contacts for 60k ~ 65k (senior), and a lot of contacts for 85k ~ 95k (for senior and lead). I ended my search with two offers of around 120k (lead).

Last week I got two messages for lead positions from 110k to 130k.

PS: numbers mentioned are salary. Some of the offers have/had additional numbers (not included in this text) for stock.
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May I ask how much experience you have and what companies?



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