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Undergrad Major Advice

My current study is Accounting with an integrated MPA program which is geared towards getting my CPA. I'm good at accounting, but I have heard the field is boring, getting automated, and the process of obtaining the CPA is slightly ridiculous with the 150 credit requirement. As an alternative high paying major in the college of business I am looking into MIS (my school calls this Business Information Systems - Data Analytics) and am wondering if anyone has this degree and can provide me with any insights or advice.

  • potential roles that interest me with the MIS degree: Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Manager
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I think if you like accounting, you'll find success and enjoyment there. My older brother has been an accountant for ages, working both in finance-specific companies, retail, and then now at his own personal accounting firm and he's like it all. But I do think the MIS degree probably positions you a bit better long term, especially as tech grows. I think business analytics could be a solid related field that has a lot of opportunities within tech companies.
energizer1Cyber Securityย ย 
Stick with what you are good at. Don't go out of the way just because you want to think Data Analytics is a growing and demanding field helping you make more money. Every accountant now wants a shift into MIS or Data Analytics. Where will Accountants go if all move away from accounting. The need and demand for accountants accelerates if everyone moves into DATA analytics or MIS.