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Software Engineer 5 months ago

Hourly rate for a Staff engineer

I'm looking for advice how to negotiate an hourly rate for a full time long term staff role as a contractor/freelancer at a silicon valley startup.
What rate is reasonable and what hours should I calculate with. Should I give my price or expect them to propose a rate?
engleader78Software Engineering Manager 5 months ago
Take whatever you would earn as a full time employee with benefits and add 20%. Then divide by 2000 for an hourly rate. 2080 is the number of hours in a standard 52 weeks at 40 hours a week job. 2000 takes into account 2 weeks of vacation, and just makes a nice number to divide by honestly.
duffycolaMachine Learning Engineer 5 months ago
that sounds too low a bare minimum. remember you only get to disclose your rate once in the beginning and it should include all cost, i.e. corporation tax, cost of acquisition, downtime, travel, utilities.. I would recommend to factor up 1.5x-2x and divide by 1000 as a rule of thumb. In Europe we often have 30 days of vacation, sick leave, public holidays and average 210 working days. 100€/h is a typical rate rate in Germany so I would expect around 200$/h in Silicon Valley.



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