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Frontend Software Engineer a year ago

Opinions on WGU Online CS degree?

Has anyone done it or know someone who has? How what you/their experiance afterwards?
JackieDaytonaBackend Software Engineer a year ago
I have firsthand experience as a student in their Software Developer degree program. TLDR: You might not learn much, but it's cheaper and potentially faster than most other ways to get a degree, and you can do it on your schedule. Pros: Flexible - No set class times, no required hours, schedule your own exam times. If you have the knowledge or skill to complete the project or test for a course, you can functionally test out of it. You can also take breaks of up to 3 months between terms while retaining active status. (Relatively) Inexpensive - about $8k a year after fees Accelerated - the only limit to how many classes you can do in a term (6 months) is your ability to complete projects and pass tests. If you already know the material or can focus heavily on school, you can save a lot of time (and tuition). Cons: Course Quality - I found this pretty dismal. Course materials are obviously lifted from other formats (lessons sometimes contain teacher's notes or suggestions from group activities with your classmates), contain inaccuracies, and often point to 3rd party sources rather than having cohesive content. The instructors provide supplemental webinars that focus narrowly on the project/test that you need to pass the class, which feels necessary. Easy to Slack Off - You'll have a phone call roughly once a week from an assigned "mentor," but it's easy to stop doing any course work for weeks or even months at a time.
19g615l16wq7ssFrontend Software Engineer a year ago
Thank you for the information! And if I may ask, what was your experience like after the fact? How long to get your first job as a swe ? Did you find yourself getting more interviews or did you never apply until after you finished the degree?