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How often to follow up after interviews

Hey all,
I recently applied at a hot tech startup (in the 100-200 employee range), did all the interviews, and am now waiting for a decision - for what feels like a weirdly long time.

After my last interview I was told that I should wait for about a week for feedback. After not hearing anything for two weeks, I followed up and I was told something along the lines of "we need to see if we can find the right fit for you, we are currently planning our roadmap".

After that, silence again.
That was 2 weeks ago, so in total it has now been 4 weeks since my final interview.

Is this normal? Or am I being ghosted?
Are they keeping me in this limbo state while they are trying to find someone better? Or am I simply too impatient?

Should I follow up again? Or would that seem to desparate?

Anyone experienced something similar?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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Depends on the company, some have a really long process and it can take months. Or they have multiple openings with similar requirements, and they're not ready to say yes or no in case they want to move a candidate there. Like you said, they could still be in interviews with other candidates. In my experience there is nothing wrong with following up every few weeks within the timeline they tell you. Getting ghosted is common, so I would generally expect the worse. Nothing wrong with checking in or staying hopeful however. Also worth noting, sometimes the opposite can be more of a red flag. If you interview and they offer right away, or are in a major rush, it could be an omen for what you're walking into. Just make sure you try and find out why they're hiring as part of the process. Replacing head counter, natural growth, etc...
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I‘ll keep my hopes up then :)
As for why they‘re hiring, they seem to be growing quite rapidly right now, so I don’t think it is to replace someone.



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