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How to get an interview with Big Tech?

I get rejected without consideration from every single job position I apply to. I'm a level 3 software engineer and I'm getting rejected from level 2 positions that I am easily qualified for. I just want to get an interview but nobody is willing to talk to me.

I suspect my resume might be the problem, but I think its decent... I've linked it to this post for reference.


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BrianBusiness Development at Levels.fyi 
Hey there! I asked a few coaches on our team for their thoughts here and we think your resume could definitely be spruced up a bit. - Rearranging your sections might help a bit. Since you have the four years of work experience, that should take precedent over your education section, so we'd suggest playing around with the formatting and trying to make your Technical Skills and Work Experience the first thing a recruiter sees. - Making your job titles more clear could also help. Right now, you've bolded the company names and listed them first before your job titles. Typically, we recommend making the job title the highlight of your resume instead of the company name. This helps recruiters see much faster that you have actual SWE experience, as opposed to just a company name. - The bullet points for your work experience could use help as well. We always suggest an "XYZ" format, where your bullet point should start with an Action Verb (such as Developed, Optimized, Launched, etc.) and then go onto explain what you accomplished [X], the metric its measured by [Y], and how you did it [Z]. - For example: "Scheduled extraction jobs are managed and deployed on a daily/weekly/monthly basis via a custom orchestration system for extraction-approved companies" could be changed to "Deployed a schedule extraction management via a custom orchestration system by doing ABC, improving client retention by DEF" Or something like that.
BrianBusiness Development at Levels.fyi 
If you want more actionable and personal advice, feel free to check out our resume coaching service, where one of our coaches will meet with you one-on-one and go through your whole resume with you on a call to explain their thoughts and feedback and work with you to improve it! https://www.levels.fyi/services/resume/