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Computer Science a year ago

Seeking advice on selecting first job

Hi everyone. I'm currently a college senior in NYC area, majoring in CS. I have two offers - one from a bank in NYC and the other from a large healthcare software company out in Wisconsin. Compensations are about the same for both the offers. Seems like the job at Wisconsin would be more interesting and foster stronger growth as an engineer. However, NYC is great location-wise and staying here can potentially make it easier to transition into MAANG or similar higher-tier companies in the future. To complicate matters, I had already accepted the job at the bank since it was the only offer I had at that time. This leaves me really dwindling about what should I do - just stay at the bank in NYC and hope everything turns out great or renege and the take the bet on the software firm in Wisconsin? I just want to make the best decision for long term growth. Any advice is much appreciated!!

LazyExcelsiorSoftware Engineer a year ago
So the healthcare company in Wisconsin is almost certainly epic. Their tech stack is incredibly nonstandard, outdated, and highly proprietary. There is a very real possibility you will be stuck in that job long term if you don’t develop skills outside of work hours. They are also incredibly resistant to work from home or hybrid schedules. I also interviewed with them. I personally wouldn’t want to work for them.
madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
I can't speak to working internally with Epic, but my wife works in healthcare and that actual Epic system stinks lol. Probably doesn't affect the work environment much, but i'd stay away just because the product is awful



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