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Product Manager

What are the best companies to look for that are Non technical  Product roles wirh comperitive salary ? 3-5 years of Product experience bur overall induatry experience 19years.. 
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PM roles can be categorised by speciality. Considering the 19 years of experience, it would help you to look for companies or jobs based on the below details. It will be helpful to suggest on the companies based on your past experience.

Feature PM - Customer focus - Many B2B and B2C tech companies or non tech companies look for these candidates
Innovator PM - Basically data analyst or BI analyst evolved into PM role, they work and identify insights from data
Growth PM - Hustle on strategies and experiment with support of leadership. They focus on problem and work with teams to increase target parameters or KPI
Platform/tech PM - Tech fluency with dev team. In some companies they are referred as product owners/Inbound product manager
Outreach/ evangelist - Solve specific problem for customer by reaching out to architects or SME research. Some companies refere them as outbound product manager.

However, majority of companies look out for PM who is Jack of all trades(Understanding the customer and solving the problem efficiently). Based on project, new skills required for that role should be learnt. Google or GPT should help in identifying the skill set for these roles. If your experience have these skills, same sources will help finding the job you like.
Hope these details help to some extent. Happy to help, if anymore details needed.




Product Manager