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No luck finding new grad jobs

Hi, I'm graduating in May 2023 and I've been applying to new grad SWE jobs for months now. I've gotten several coding challenges, and only one offer so far, but it's for a crappy location that I can't relocate to. I have 2 past internships (no return offer b/c of economy) and several personal projects using AWS. Any tips for finding a job?


C0rsA1RSoftware Engineer a year ago
Pretty sure you're aware its probably the worst time to graduate right now in tech (SWEs and tech adjacent specialisms).

Since you're already getting tech screens and offers, your success rate is already fairly high - most likely due to a good resume/leetcode practice/good interviewer.

Honestly, just knuckle down, keep applying, keep building projects in latest tech and keep your dev skills sharp.

Some other tips:

- join meetups and hackathons in your area - or even start one. Can be physical or on Discord.

- Find some open-source projects and take on small tickets

- Target any and all available SWE jobs, theres no reward in being picky right now - if you're constrained to one location, just know the n number of available jobs reduces significantly for you and remote positions with the increasing RTO mandates reduces it further still.

- And most importantly - take regular mental breaks. Its going to be a grind so counteract the exhaustion with, getting lots of exercise, keeping hydrated, maximize sleep, socialise as often as possible and maintain or pick up other hobbies. You'll need the distraction and will keep you from burning out.

Good luck to all out there! I've been there before so I know the struggle.
peopleliketurkeysSoftware Engineer a year ago
Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it



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