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Software Engineer 6 months ago

Not getting callbacks even from referrals

Hi, I have 1.5+ yr experience in Java, Spring boot and I am also getting my hands dirty in DSA. I know I am from tier 3 so my never resume gets shortlisted from the website, but I have recieved advice from many to reach out to recruiters and for referrals, so tried it. 

I started doing it reaching out to Max people possible and the response rate is very low(obviously) and the generous peoples that do give me referrals, I never receive a callback from companies. It's getting tough. 

I thought of getting a good job in PBC so I can pay off my home loan and Hopefully pursue masters in Europe but now I am even thinking of doing Mtech from India (which btw I always avoided due to going to Europe for studies). 

Don't know what to do anymore.
kretem45DevOps 6 months ago
I used to have this problem in April-August 2020, where everybody were dismissing me, and suddenly from september I got calls every two days for invitations.
Think about it: in September-October university starts so some interns might go back to school, while others finish their internships and go for another company. Also summer is when plenty of people including HR go on vacation.
kretem45DevOps 6 months ago
Also december-january: new fiscal year, new budget plans