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Nintendo Will Pay Its Workers 10% More

"Nintendo plans to raise its employees' base pay by 10% this year in the wake of inflation. Reuters reported that Nintendo plans to raise salaries even as it reduced its profit expectation for the year. Nintendo previously cut its operating profit forecast from a projected 582 billion yen to 480 billion yen ($3.6 billion)."

Respect this move, companies that treat their workforce as an investment rather than a cost-center will succeed in the coming year.

Nintendo promises 10% pay hike even as it trims profit outlook

Nintendo promises 10% pay hike even as it trims profit outlook

Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co Ltd said on Tuesday it plans to lift workers' base pay by 10% even though a firmer yen forced it to trim its full-year profit forecast.
madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
That's awesome to see, the culture difference is so striking. That is partially in response to the Japanese PM asking companies to pay more in the wake of inflation. I can't imagine thinking anything like that would come close to working in the US
AbrabananaSoftware Engineer a year ago
Definitely great to see, but you gotta know tech salaries in Japan are commonly lower compared to US. Also, Nintendo didn't overhire the latest few years trying to grow like most of the US tech sector.