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DevOps Engineerย a year ago

Looking for SRE or DevOps/Cloud (entry level) opportunities or tips

Hello all, for background I have about 6 months of internship experience as a Cloud DevOps engineer. Which consisted of projects to do with working with existing Jenkins pipelines, AWS Lambda Functions and Terraform modules.

I know the basics and concepts of the following technologies: Linux, AWS (I have the solutions architect cert), Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, and Git.

I've done some personal projects like using Terraform to provision AWS infrastructure with proper VPC networking, EKS clusters, etc. Also a project where I built a basic API in Python with Flask, created a CI/CD pipeline that gets triggered by git commits and automates the app and image build, testing, pushing to ECR repo to then deploy on the cloud.

For programming languages I'm familiar with Python scripting and bash (and for reference to coding interview levels I am able to do most easies and some mediums). If anyone has any help they could offer to increase my chances of landing a great opportunity I'd appreciate it!

vq89yHNIKjncwSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Do you have a location preference? Have you applied anywhere already?
cn5171bnDevOps Engineerย a year ago
No location preference open to anything & yes I have