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Software Engineer a month ago

Not all fun and games at FAANG

I've been seeing this sentiment online that getting a FAANG job is an easy, rest and vest job. You can get by doing virtually nothing, and after a few years you'll be well on your way to paying off a mortgage coasting by the beach. At least that's what social media will have you believe. And there is some truth to that. But among the people I know at FAANG, they are some of the hardest workers I know, putting in grueling hours to meet deadlines and put products out. They also tend to have longer tenures, not just leaving every couple years.

There's a reason these companies have gotten to their lofty positions, and I feel that these people are the employees responsible for it. Perhaps they are much fewer in number, but they are there, and they propel their respective company forward. And they take their job seriously. People will make make their jokes, but I bet you these people work harder than a lot of well-to-do startups out there. Not to be messed with, and they are also paid accordingly.

raspberryintSoftware Engineer a month ago
It really depends on the team you're on at the company. And I say this for the companies that are stereotypically supposed to be harder on employees too such as Amazon. I knew some people coasting there, they were just not on AWS. And at Google, I literally know people who work crazy hours on the ads team. That said, the vast majority of Google folks I know are chilling pretty hard. Definitely a lot easier to coast, and the perks they get are pretty unreal.
qwertyCoderSoftware Engineer a month ago
💯 Really is team and manager dependent.