Jethompson023 in  
Computer Science at Kettering University2 years ago

Goldman Hackerrank & Math Test

Any advice on best Practices kn how to study for Goldman Sachs hackerrank and math testing for the new analyst position? I want to do bery well but I'm not sure how to study tor these. Thanks!
turnhorn83Financial Analyst 2 years ago
Most tests will be specific to the coding language you choose and you need to make sure you're familiar with data structures and how to design simple algorithms like searching and sorting. The questions you're asked to solve will usually involve you writing a program that is put through a series of test cases that will evaluate how good your algo is.
oHr31jf93751Financial Analyst at BNY Mellon2 years ago
On this point, keep your bugs to a minimum because the tests are timed!



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