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Software Engineer a year ago

Product Manager become Software Developer

I had 5 years of experience as a PM. For the last 3 years, I have been actively learning coding and controbuting to open source projects. For the last 1 year I am working as a front end developer. 

When I applying for other positions, how experienced I should consider myself as a software developer? 1 year (actual work) , 3 years (open source) or 6 years (5 years PM + 1 year developer)?
groversSoftware Engineer a year ago
In today's market, I'd say 2-3 years. Hopefully you can speak to all the open source work because that's really where that 1-2 years comes from outside of your actual dev experience.
pasqua2dSoftware Engineer a year ago
How many projects did you work on and what was your involvement? I would probably condense the 3 years into 1 and say 2 years of work experience. The PM experience would help on the behavioral and system design parts of the interviews but the coding experience needs to stand out.



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