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Is a masters worth it for AI or ML

Hey guys I live in the UK, and im currently in college taking my A levels. Im hoping to get my masters in university for Computer Science or Electrical Engineering speciliasing in Machine Learning. Is it worth doing, will it make me more attractive to employers? I was also wondering whats the difference between a masters In computer science with machine learning and a masters in electrical engineering with machine learning and artificial intilligence. Im hoping to eventually move to rhe US.
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Id say unless you specifically want to be a data scientist a masters or above won’t be particularly interesting to employers. This is my opinion but is based on a lot of personal research into what the trends seem to say.

One thing you may also do is checkout some of the online videos of others actually doing this work. Hands on experience seems to outweigh all.

Now with all that said, your math and other such subjects will play out in a big way but I know you can handle that.

In any case, check out Mike West’s videos. He’ll help enlighten you. Also browse around on some of your favorite job sites for roles

I’d suggest checking out the rest of his YouTube forum.

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Okay thank you, I was wanting to do it because I’m currently taking my A levels ( Maths Computer Science and Physics ) but I’m unsure if that level of qualification would be high enough to get me a job, and if I was to want to get a managerial role I think there’s a degree requirement. Is that correct?



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