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laid off due to RIF, should I disclose to recruiters and future employers or not?

A good percentage of my colleagues across seniority levels were laid off at my company. I am on a tight timeline for jobs due to my visa situation. I am not sure if I should be upfront about end of my current job on my resume and during interview/informal discussions with recruiters and contacts at companies or not. I am afraid that if I disclose that I don't have a job right now, most likely I will get lowballed during salary negotiations. However, if I hide this fact, I don't know if someone asks me directly about it during the interview - do I need to share information about layoff or just continue saying I am still employed even if asked? What do recruiters recommend on this?

OreoDomino2424Product Manager  
It's a tough situation. If you disclose, it puts you in a disadvantage when negotiating salary, but if they ask and you lie and they find it, that would be worse. I recommend disclosing only if asked.

To counteract this, you might try getting multiple offers, to help negotiate.

You should prioritise finding a job for now. You can go for bigger salary next time, once the economy recovers.
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Thanks for your clear response. It resonates with what I have been thinking to do as well. Hope it helps others in the community.