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Project or program manager?

Hello all. Im currently in the military and have been serving for 14 years. I plan on exiting around October 2023. I have about 10 years of leadership and advisor time. I currently train and supervise personnel in different operations to complete certain tasks. I also plan, prepare and execute operational orders (tasks) and desseminate them to lower echelons and verify all tasks are complete. (In a nutshell)

Im scheduled to take PMI's PMP course and attain my PMP certification next month and I also plan on taking PgMP certification in February. Not sure if this matters but i have my COMPTIA Security Plus certification and have a TS/SC-I clearance. 

I have a few questions:
Am I on the right track for either positions to attain a 6 figure job ($130k-$220k) in the Central Texas area?
Which position between the two do I fit in better?
What suggestions do you have for myself transitioning to the civilian life?

This is my first post so be nice and thanks for advice in advance. 
bcnecoProgram Manager a year ago
I definitely think you're on the right track with the PMP and PgMP. For reference, I'm a Program Manager currently making ~$110k total comp without either of those. I am in the Seattle area, though, so it could be a little inflated over central Texas there. In my experience, in the tech world, Program and Project Managers are interchangeable for the most part. 'Program Manager' seems to be kind of a catch all job title that can do anything from general process improvement (what I do) or data analytics with SQL etc. So there's a wide range of roles and skillsets that fall under the same title. I don't have advice on transitioning to civ life, but wish you the best of luck on it all!
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This helps a lot. Thanks for the advice.



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