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3 traits that can make introverts successful leaders

People say:

1: Introverts shy away from leadership roles

2: Introverts don’t have the “people skills” to lead

3: Introverts are bad communicators

I think this is all lie.

Most of the people I admire or have built business empires are introverted. Bill Gates, Elon Musk (arguably introverted now ig), Zuckerberg, and the legend, Warren Buffet are all titans in their industries and professions.

If you're an introverted leader, what did you do to get your job?

djeddiejSoftware Engineering Manager 2 years ago
Simple. These folks did the following, and so did I.

1. They overcame their fear of public speaking. I took public speaking courses through Toastmasters and Christopher Leadership Skills Courses. I spoke at local tech user groups. I eventually (and still do) teach classes in web and mobile development at the post-secondary level. Like flexing “coding muscles”, public speaking requires exercising your brain to overcome the obstacles of speaking in front of others.

2. Always verbalize your decisions that you make and get supporting proof for it. Even with small problems that you tackle, ensure enough evidence is shown to demonstrate your case.

3. Always be willing to help others . Be compassionate to your fellow person, understand and fully appreciate their perspective. You will be able to connect with others more easily and in turn -

4. Connect with others who will support you as you challenge yourself through your moments of introversion. It’s okay to be quiet at times , but acknowledge the ability to reach out and get others who will act for your voice. A strong solo singer is great, but a choir can be spectacular , as a metaphor.

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