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Request: Tips to Secure Remote SWE Roles

Any advice or tips on how to secure a US-based remote SWE role while working in Europe? Anybody have success with this, new grad or not? I'm a new grad (fall '22) in computer engineering looking for my first role. I'm hopeful to work in an American role completely remote from Portugal, because we all know how the US has the best SWE salaries.

Context: American citizen with a degree from an American university seeking remote SWE role I can work from Europe.

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I believe it depends on the field you're working on. Also, the expertise you have is as important if not more, so I doubt you'll be able to land such a job if you're a new grad. It took me 3 years of industry experience as a MLE to get an offer from a US company working remotely from Berlin. Just for the record, this offer couldn't be matched by any EU company considering my YOE and the field I'm working on, i.e. 135k EUR + 10k EUR bonus.
danny1Machine Learning Engineer  
I would highly suggest you to look for US startups on https://angel.co/jobs, there's a high chance you'll find something there, as US startups are more open to hiring cheaper EU employees due to financial limitations.



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