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Software Engineer 4 months ago

Optimal job (Pareto front) of compensation and stress

I have worked in 2 industries as software engineer and quant developer. One had lower compensation and lower risk and the other has high compensation but very high stress (working 10-11 hours a day and constantly being worried some system might fail).
What are your toughts on the optimal job/sector?
Of course many jobs that pay high, also have higher responsibilities, but the proportions are not the same for every job. Which job or sector do you think has it optimal. High enough compensation (no need for super high compensation) and low enough risk and stress. 

I'm trying to help my mental health. I can't bear constant stress and hostile work and on the other hand I can't go with lower salary because I would feel like I did not use my potential.

I know this is very general question but I learnt these question sometime have some rule-of-thumb-like answers.
jazzycheeseburgerSoftware Engineer 4 months ago
To determine this you’d need to put a number on how much the stress differential is worth to you, which is subjective but here’s some questions that may help prepare for the price discovery exercise:

1. Do you love the work that comes with the stress? Is it more interesting than the alternative?

2. Do you love the stress (or want to learn to love it)? This may sound bizarre but some people are turned on by the intensity.

3. Do you have support? If you’re solo or with a supportive partner the stressful job route is more manageable. If you have a partner or spouse with exceptionally high demands on your attention, you’re more likely to exceed your stress-tolerance threshold, making it less long-run sustainable.