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Data Scientist 2 years ago

What roles do I best align with?

Trying to see what roles I best align with as I'll be applying to FAANG/Uber/etc relatively soon.

At work, I do a mix of software development for stochastic optimization algorithms and data analysis. I'm fairly decent with ML as I keep that skill alive with side projects but haven't implemented anything at the job.

I love math, so I'm trying to figure out if applying for FAANG DS, MLE, or Software Development roles are the best option for me based off of what I do now. I didn't originally study CS, so I'm still very much getting used to software dev stuff. Mainly a math guy.

Not super familiar with the big tech world as I'm coming from aerospace. Thanks!

Hdiw826osnaGgsiSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
Better question would be, what jobs have you been looking at and we’ll tell you if it’s a good fit.



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