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Hubspot Severance Details

Thought this was a nice touch amidst all the layoff news. A lot of these companies forget that there are real people who are affected.

Hubspot with the 7% layoff today

• Severance: We will pay 5 months severance,

plus an additional week for every year you've

been with HubSpot up to a 7 month total

severance period. For managers, we will pay

out your management bonus following our

standard bonus structure.

• Benefits: Medical benefits will be extended

through the severance period of up to 5

months, where possible based on region, as

well as access to the EAP (Employee

Assistance Program) and Modern Health for

mental health support and career coaching.

• Equity: We're accelerating vesting through April

1, 2023 and we're removing the vesting cliff for

employees who have been with us under 6


Laptops & WFH Set-Up: Impacted employees

may keep their HubSpot laptops (it will be

cleaned of any company data remotely), as

well as any work from home gear like monitors

and keyboards.

• Career support: We're partnering with a 3rd

party to provide coaching, resume building &

guidance, an opt-in talent directory, and job

seeking support.

• Connect conversations: We're setting up 1:1

conversations for any departing employee who

would like to have a live conversation with a

HubSpot manager.

whereaboutsSoftware Engineer a year ago
That's actually solid, I'd chill out for like 3 months and use this to travel / try something of my own
bcnecoProgram Manager a year ago
Right, definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen