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4 months ago


I hear a lot from senior developers that the best way to learn coding is not watching tutorials and copy pasting them. Instead, we should work on projects and learn as we get stuck through them. Can anybody first clarify on this?

Secondly, if that really is the case, then where should I get help from if I get stuck on a project. Also, how would I know how to structure my project? Like what to build first? Basically, I won't have any idea where im headed to? I would be extremely grateful if a Senior or Experienced Developer gives his opinion.
qdddSoftware Engineerย 4 months ago
The best way to learn is two flip between gaining inspiration from others, and "playing" with those concepts on your own. When you hit a wall either do some research (or ask GPT) to gain an understanding of the problem and try to work around it, ordrop it and go back to playing with something you are not blocked on.

When it comes the choosing a project start super small and pick something that sounds like fun. If you are not engaged with what you are working on, you are unlikely to learn much.
qdddSoftware Engineerย 4 months ago
Most of my career has been built on skills that I learned through pure curiosity.



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