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Germans of - are all the companies like this?

I recently started a new job in Germany, after working for an US based tech firm. And I find these things quite interesting:
- quite a lot of old people, not gonna lie there is probably 2-5 people still in their 20s or early 30s. Most people are >50
- everyone works so slow. I find it weird seeing how much time is spent for stupid things, still using paper etc. And the amount spend chitchatting is insane
- everyone is so concerned about making it 40hrs, but really don't work for probably 20 each week.

Keep in mind this is not a government job thing, it's a profitable private company that works in several countries
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Big cultural differences lead to that. German employees don't have to stress about their job being their entire livelihood like Americans do. TBH I'd prefer that over the American grind you into dust mindset, but everyone has different preferences.