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Nvidia Senior SE Interview

Hello community, I got an interview scheduled with Nvidia.

Any info on what to expect would be helpful!

Its gonna be the first call, but its scheduled for 90 minutes, hence a little confused on what to expect.

Anyone have gone through an interview process with Nvidia recently?

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I interviewed for a senior front end position in the last year, from what I understand it's very team dependent. My initial phone screen was with a mid level member of the team I was applying for. They had a basic html page that they had me add css and plain javascript to, adding some interactions and message display. Really testing the basics.
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Yeah, OP I'd ask who your interviewer is because it might dictate how that first interview goes. If it's with another engineer on the team, it'll probably be a lot of technical interviewing and then some behavioral questions. If it's with the hiring manager, it might lean more behavioral



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