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Computer Science a year ago

Assessment tests for Roblox

Hi guys.

I recently got assessment tests for PM internships, does anyone have any idea on how to crack it?

I am just student and have no idea what kind of questions they will ask.

PMTECHProduct Manager a year ago
You said you got the assessments but aren’t aware of the questions?
19g616l0xjzrkkComputer Science a year ago
I have only limited time to solve them, once I open them I can't leave it. This is what they have mentioned in mail. After you've completed the assessments, you should expect to hear from us within 10 business days. Your assessments consists of 3 tasks: • Task 1 (Cognitive Skills, 35 minutes): Incomplete • Task 2 (Cognitive Skills, 30 minutes): Incomplete • Task 3 (Coding Skills, 70 minutes): Incomplete If you've taken the assessments in a previous hiring cycle, please note that your assessment will have different content this cycle.



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