Jlmiyu30 in  
Data Science 2 years ago

Are you still applying to Meta?

Okay, follow me here.

If facebook is going to do more layoffs and put everyone on some new "performance" thing, do you think people will voluntarily leave?

If that happens, would people be attracted to Meta jobs as much as they were before the recent news?

And if less people are applying, would this actually be the best time to apply? Hope that made sense

MetamanTechnical Program Manager at Facebook2 years ago
Some hopefully helpful insight:
1. So far, no layoffs.
2. No “new performance thing”. In fact, nothing has changed from a performance standpoint. He’s reiterating the current standard, which is we expect high performance, and given the impact on other things people care about (WLB), it may not be for everyone.

Stock is at an all time low, so RSU strike price will be at a relatively low price point, and in the circumstance the stock recovers, there could be significant upside.

Of course, do your research, understand what matters to you at this stage of your career, and figure out which companies are the best fit for you.

Peace 🙏
iMwY1h0NJ2Fid85K5qBackend Software Engineer 2 years ago
I'm not sure you really addressed any of OPs concerns. You mentioned no firings so far, but hiring has slowed and theres been hints towards layoffs -- whether or not its yet to happen doesn't change the fact that its a legitimate concern. And whether new performance standards are being introduced or previous ones are starting to be enforced, it still constitutes a change in performance expectations. It's disingenuous to claim that candidates should continue to view Meta in a positive light with everything that's going on.