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Software Engineer a year ago

Are most folks staying put at their company in this market?

I was considering looking for another job recently, but given the state of the market a lot of people have advised that it might not be the best time. But I was thinking about it another way – this is such a good time to lock in a good share price and get more equity in a company that you believe will rebound strongly.

I'm assuming most people are just latching onto their existing job, especially as companies start hiring freezes and worse, layoffs. The primary fear is that I'll join a company and then immediately get laid off after because I have no real sense for the internal situation.

Maybe I'll just give it a couple more months before really starting to interview after layoffs cooldown? Interested in others perspectives on this. 

undertoneSoftware Engineer a year ago
It really just depends on your risk reward appetite. Generally the job switching market is very slow right now because people are favoring stability over new opportunities. Most people don’t have the risk tolerance to lose out on a job that’s guaranteed in a market of uncertainty. But if you have the financial health where the worst case scenario of being out of a job is not that bad for you, it’s a prime time like you said to lock in that low stock price.

Another perspective is that while stock prices are low today, they can get even lower and so suppose you join a company today at some price. There’s no promise that it doesn’t go even lower and put you in a worse position than today. It’s not always upside 🤷‍♂️