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Looking for an entry level on the job training in Software Engineering for a Career Switcher

I did my Master degree from a public university here in US last year in an STEM related subject. I am from a non tech field and wanted to switch my career path in software engineering preferably Java developer, mean stack developer or other roles but wondering if the bootcamps, self learning, or on the job training run by consultancies/companies would be better for a long term career path.

I have an intermediate (advanced?) skill in R, beginner skill in Python languages and starting Java programming with my own. I really want to learn working for some company as an intern or an entry level job but have not found better option other than the consultancies which often binds you in a contract for a long time with a low pay. It would be very helpful if you can suggest me-

  1. Tech companies (small or medium) in East Coast (as I am located in North Carolina) which hire career switchers who have an advanced degree in entry level job or an intern.
  2. Low priced bootcamps with great networking and/or job guarantee

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Bte4597Software Engineerย a year ago
Capital one CODA program. Pays 6 figures and teaches you full stack development over 6 months -> transition into their tech development program (all while technically being a full time associate)
waves23Applied Scientistย a year ago
Greatly appreciated. Is CODA program run on their campuses in major cities or remote too? Thank you so much for the information.



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