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Product Designerย 6 months ago

Amazon referrals

I was "hire pending fit" last year at Amazon. After some pushing I was able to find a team and get an offer. They wanted to downlevel me and I declined the offer.

Now I'm on the hunt again for Product Design roles, ideally L6. I know Amazon is in a bit of a hiring freeze, but it looks like there are still a few open roles. Can anyone refer me?

scoutteam12Technical Program Managerย 6 months ago
Did they give you feedback on why they wanted to downlevel you? L6 at Amazon is their Senior Product Designer level, so just a tip as you're looking around at job titles, you'll want to make sure you aim for that.
19g617l2oqvnuyProduct Designerย 6 months ago
Thank you for the heads up. I have over 10 YOE. I'll target Sr titled positions