MangoTangoDownΒ inΒ Β 
9 months ago

Cyber Sec Internships

Hi Im currently second year doing a BS in Computer Network Systems and see that there are no entry-level cyber sec internships all of them seem to be post-grad basically do you guys think working in an IT or Techincal Support Engineering intern will help me break into the Security industry? Because I've gotten rejected from every cyber intern application even though I have work experience in Swe in Test and have a CCNA certi.

madscienceSoftware EngineerΒ 9 months ago
I don't have cybersec experience directly, but I would guess that having some sort of IT/Tech Support experience could help open the door a bit for some of those internships or other cybersecurity jobs. The tech industry can be kind of wonky in terms of what employers are looking for, but experience is the best gauge, even if it's only tangentially related. Otherwise, I'd suggest reaching out to other cybersecurity folks on linkedin and such, too, as they may have insight and often times I find that they're more willing to help on there because it's a more personal connection than something like this. Plus, I know they're still working to grow this forum too Best of luck breaking in! Hopefully someone else has more specific insight.