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a year ago

Working in UAE

Has anyone here worked as a Data Scientist / MLE in the UAE and can provide some feedback on how it is to live there?

How much can you earn with 5 YoE? I see a large range from 70k USD per year, to 10-15k USD per month for Dubai and I don't know what to expect as an experienced Data Scientist from Germany.

Is it a good place to earn a lot of money for ~2 years and then look for greener pastures back in europe, or will the salary be low enough so the cost of living will eat away all the money and you end up with two shitty years in the desert?

Vx87Data Scientist at Targeta year ago
Lived 4 yrs in Dubai, tech is non existent. Companies still use main frame and advanced excel users are called Data Scientist. As an Indian you would end up reporting into European or British with way less experience and way less tech stack. Systemic racism is quite prevalent and open,hence they would rather buy than innovate. Hard sell for top tech talent to move UAE



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