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Applying for the role

As a new developer who is looking to get his foot in the door. What are some do's and dont's?
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EYEDEETENTANGOSoftware Engineer at Nvidia 
Do: know how to write performant, correct code in the programming language you are most familiar with.

Do: demonstrate familiarity with common libraries and packages in said programming language.

Don’t: be an asshole

Don’t: show up late to the interview

Don’t: talk shit about a previous employer or coworker

If you can do these things, that’s all you need to be hired assuming you have no other restrictions like “wants to be paid top dollar while working remotely” in which case all of these requirements go very very far up.
DariusSoftware Engineer  
Emphasis on the “don’t be an asshole”. Often times you’re going to run into condescending assholes. Please don’t be like those people.



Software Engineer