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Why do companies prefer AWS to GCP

I have applied to thousands of jobs on linkedin and i barely see any company put GCP in their job description, though i have seen some but they are not much and most of the companies i have applied to use AWS

We also use AWS in my current company

And I have been thinking for days now

I am a GCP person, I love GCP and i love the UI and the services it offers, i love how it is easy to navigate around and how the documentations are easy to read and understand, even the 2 last freelance projects i did, it was GCP i used for their cloud service, and when i see AWS requirement in most job descriptions it makes me think that maybe AWS is better than or has something that GCP doesn't have

Or I'm I missing something? For not using AWS

Back to the main question: why do people choose AWS over GCP, what are things that AWS has that GCP doesn't have, why do companies think that using AWS will be better than using GCP?

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I would surmise the big 3 are all quite similar in price and service for 90+% of customers. I think AWS just hit the market first so employers, especially small companies, will just hire for what's popular and proven. So it's like a chicken & egg problem for GCP. Employers don't hire for GCP because SWEs haven't used it. SWEs won't learn GCP because employers hire for AWS. I'm a Google SWE and I don't know GCP btw, only know AWS. A lot of tech decisions are not even made on what's technically sound or "best", but what their current SWEs know and are capable of learning in a short amount of time. I think with AWS's stranglehold on the cloud market, it is the same idea.
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Thanks for your response, I learned something new from this



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