gbanon in  
Software Engineer 2 years ago

Slack culture and benefits after Salesforce acquisition

How has Slack culture and product direction changed since Salesforce acquisition- Is there significant changes to the day-to-day life of engineers? How is the overall engineering talent now? because a lot of star engineers and product folks leave post acquisition as their vision doesn't align with the new leadership's.

Or has it been similar to Microsoft buying LinkedIn, where LinkedIn culture and benefits have mostly been left untouched!

undertoneSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
I heard it’s very standalone and separate from Salesforce overall so the cultures been the same as before.

However I also hear that a lot of leadership are planning to leave right after they hit their vests. That can change the culture and attitude dramatically. Best way to get a feel is talk to someone who’s been there for a while during your interviews and try to dig deep on why they’re still there.
apiSecurity Software Engineer a year ago
You heard wrong.