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Technical Program ManagerΒ 3 months ago

Breaking into PM

Hi folks,

I am interested in switching to Product Management. Here's my background. I have worked in IT Change Management for many years. I have numerous ITIL Certifications. I am also a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) as well as a PSM1. I have a BSc in Information Systems Management and I am graduating in December with an MBA.

Any pointers would be of great benefit. Thank you.

OreoDomino2424Product ManagerΒ 3 months ago
Are you currently working or are you in full-time education? If you're working, the best advice I've gotten is to try and switch to PM while at your current employer. It minimises risk since people already know you.
Hdiqi81iqyrJhsProduct ManagerΒ 3 months ago
Agree with this strategy but it can be hard. At the very least, get on a side project or offer to do something that you can add to the portfolio of work



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